VOICES: a Maverick Inclusion Painting - Reception

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

VOICES: a Maverick Inclusion Painting

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Minnesota State Mankato is saturated by excellence from every corner of the world, however at times diverse student voices are lost through their journey towards graduation. This art encompasses, celebrates, and lifts the voices of the many different communities at Minnesota State. The goal of this piece is to visually engage the audience as well as inspire real advances in inclusivity at Minnesota State Mankato. 

From the Creators:

Maria Rios, Student Events Team – Educational Entertainment “I sought to develop an art piece that gave a voice to our many underrepresented communities at MNSU. Commissioning an artist from a diverse and underrepresented background was of upmost priority which is why Justin Ek, a local American Indian artist took the lead on this project. A piece for the people by the people.”

Justin Ek, Bellissimo Painting: “For this piece, I will be including symbols and colors that acts as the bridge between the individuals of our vastly diverse communities The inspiration for those symbols and colors speak closely to my diverse roots as an indigenous person with a history of Hispanic heritage.”   

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