Maverick Holiday Fest Week 3- Snow Sculpture Building

Sunday, December 13, 2020
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
At Home/Online

Due to the pandemic, we changed the Maverick Holiday Carnival to an 'online version'. Thanks for joining our 2020 virtual holiday fest! We have planned three fun, 'covid-friendly' events. Each week, our community artists (participating children and families) will email photos of completed artwork to, and the final day of the fest will feature a zoom call with Santa and his elves highlighting the artwork submitted.  To obtain the full packet, visit the YMCA, ECHO Food Shelf, or email 

December 6-11 will feature snow sculpture building. You can find the coloring pages in the packet. Please email a photo of the completed coloring page (*preferably with the artist included in the photo) to The best artwork will be sent on to Santa. Although Santa knows the names of the children involved, we don't, so please include a first name of the child or the child's nickname so that we can reference the child's artwork when chatting with Santa.  During the Zoom call, we will prompt Santa so that the child can see the artwork the child has created.

*Note, we know that not everyone feels safe posting their child's name and photo. We recognize that your child's safety is top priority. If a parent feels uncomfortable sharing photos of the child or names, you don't need to include a name, or you could use a newly given nickname. If you feel uncomfortable, please don't include photos of the child. The University zoom link will be open for all to attend.  In connection with your participation in this project, you hereby release, waive, discharge and hold harmless Minnesota State University (MSU) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and/or causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, property damage or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by you, or to any property belonging to you, whether caused by the negligence of MSU, or otherwise, while participating in this activity.  You hereby release any and all present and future claims for compensation or remuneration as a result of my image or likeness (actual or distorted) having been filmed, photographed and/or your voice having been recorded by The Community Engagement Office, and affiliates, or the production company, studio, or the individual retained by the Community Engagement Office. You hereby consent to the general usage of photographs, film, videotape or audio track containing my likeness and/or voice by the Community Engagement Office or by successors for internal communications or other purposes, in any medium, including the right to use your name if The Community Engagement Office, its assigns or successors so desires. You further release and discharge The Community Engagement Office, its successors or assigns, from any and all claims and demands, and waive and forego any and all legal or equitable actions arising out of or in connection with the use of said film, photograph, video, and/or sound. You agree and acknowledge that The Community Engagement Office is the owner of said film, photograph, video, and/or sound conveyed or contained thereon, the copyrights pertaining thereto and any and all other rights, benefits or privileges arising therefrom , now and hereafter without limitation. 


Alexander Trewatha

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