Cardz for Kidz MARCH GLADNESS Competition

Monday, March 29, 2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Individuals: Supply pick up at Res Hall Desks, Library, and CEO beginning March 1. Return to same location by March 29 at noon. Groups: request a box of supplies from the CEO 5 days prior to your event.

                                                   Test: March Gladness! Cardz for Kidz. Background: a basketball tournament grid with clip art of a basketball in the lower corners.

It's time to maintain our Collegiate Championship Title for Cardz for Kidz March Gladness. Annually, Cardz for Kidz hosts their card making competition to see which college or university makes the most appropriate, quality cards for children in hospitals, shelters, foster care,  'older kids' in nursing homes, and people with covid-19. 

How to join in the fun:

Individuals: Starting March 1, pick up a packet of supplies at any Residence Hall Desk, the Library, or the Community Engagement Office (173 CSU). Instructions on how to make the cards are in the packet. Return the cards to the location you picked them up, by noon on 3/29/21 or earlier. 

Groups: About 5 days before your group event, request a box of supplies from the CEO (173 CSU, Include the number of people who will be making cards, the day you will pick up supplies and when you will return them. BE SURE TO FOLLOW UNIVERSITY PROTOCOL RE: HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN MEET IN ONE LOCATION DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. (Let's not create any superspreader events, please.) Once your cards are created, pack up all supplies and return to the CEO. 

MSU, Mankato Student Organziation Cardz for Kidz Competition! Be the group with the most appropriate and well-made cards submitted by your group and your group could recieve a prize: $ in your campus account!

  • First Place: $150 
  • Second Place: $100
  • Third Place: $50

Money must be put into the group or RSO university "9" account. For more information, contact Karen Anderson,

*** All cards should be signed "From your friend, (Your First Name Here) from MSU, Mankato. (It never hurts to write "GO MAVS!" after that now, does it?)

*** No cards should reference "Get Well Soon" because the goal is to create uplifting cards meant to take the focus away from the illness. Focus on how strong the person is, not their weakness!

*** No cards should reference any specific faith or holiday.

*** 'Dad Jokes' and Puns are always a fun!

*** BE CREATIVE and use your resources. The supplies we provide are a good start, but if you are not good at freehand drawing, consider tracing clip art, cutting out images from a magazine to make a collage, use stickers, etc.  Avoid actual glitter since it's difficult to get out of carpet, etc. Give at least 10 minutes to the making the card (start counting once you have your idea in mind and start drawing, tracing, cutting out shapes, etc.

*** Throughout the process, we will also look for the top 10 designs to submit to CFK Quarterly Best Card Competiton. 

What Not to Say on your Card

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