Set Up a Shared Mailbox on Mac/Apple

How to View Shared Accounts in Outlook on a Macintosh/Apple Computer

First, ensure you have access to the shared account. Check that the owner of the calendar or mailbox (should be someone within your department) has shared the calendar or mailbox with you. Supervisors will need to request access by submitting a ticket to the IT Solutions Center.

1. Open Outlook.

Open Outlook mailbox on Mac

2. Click on Outlook and then Preferences.

Outlook preferences

3. Click on Accounts.

Outlook accounts

4. Click on the "+" to add a new account.

Click on the plus sign

5. Choose New Account.

Choose new account

6. "Please enter your email address" of the account you want to access.

Enter email address

7. Click "Sign in with another account".

Sign in with a different account

8. Enter your and click Next.

Enter your StarID

9. Enter your StarID password and click on Sign in.

Enter your StarID password

10. Click Done.

Click done

11. You should see the new mailbox in your account list.

Shared mailbox now shows up

12. The new mailbox will show up in your Outlook application.