Fix Android Mail Application

Different versions of Android or different manufacturers of phones may look slightly different, however the settings should remain the same.

Note: If you already have an e-mail account set up, we recommend removing the account and re-adding it following the instructions below.

Settings At a Glance:

Email Address:



  • Students, Alumni and Emeriti:
  • Faculty and Staff:

Exchange Server:


Settings With Screenshots

1. Open your System Settings.

2. Navigate to your Accounts. Press Add Account.

3. Press either Corporate or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Account.

4. Type your Office365 Username ( or and StarID password, then press Manual Setup.

5. Enter your information as it is requested:

  • Your Email address will be your MNSU email address.
  • The Domain\username field will be for students, emeriti, and alumni, and for employees.
  • Your password will be your StarID password, and the Exchange Server will be
  • Place a checkmark next to Use secure connection (SSL). Once this information has been entered, press Next.

6. A screen will prompt you to ask for permission for security features, press OK.

7. Scroll through the settings and change any options to your preferences. Once you have selected all the options that you would like, scroll down to the bottom and press Next.