Access a Shared Mailbox/Calendar

First ensure that the owner of the mailbox you're accessing has shared their mailbox to you.

1. With Microsoft Outlook open, choose File and then choose Open and click Other User's Folder from the menu bar.

2. In the search box that appears, type the full email address. For example,

3. Once the search results have populated, choose the type of item you are attempting to access:

  • a. If you are accessing another person's email inbox, (if you are a delegate for their mail), leave the folder type as Inbox.
  • b. If you are accessing a shared calendar, change the folder type to Calendar.
  • c. If you are accessing someone's shared Address Book, change the folder type accordingly.

4. Once you've made your selection, the system will check for the appropriate permissions. If you have the appropriate permissions, the item will be populated in your Outlook account.

5. When Outlook performs the initial sync of this data you may see a popup that says:

  • Outlook was redirected to the server… to get new settings for your account…

    • a. Check the box that says to Always use my response for this server.
    • b. Select Allow.

6. After a few moments you should see your items begin to appear.

7. If you would like to check whose items you have access to:

  • a. With Microsoft Outlook open, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and choose Outlook then Preferences. Choose Accounts then Advanced and choose Delegates.
  • b. In this view, you should be able to see Delegates who can act on my behalf and People I am a delegate for.
  • c. To see whose items you have access to, look for the names in the People I am a delegate for box.
  • d. If you believe you should have access to items that you are missing, try to add in the name of the person you are a delegate for.
  • e. To do this, click the plus icon to the bottom left of People I am a delegate for.
  • f. In the Choose a Person box that appears, search for the name of the person whose items you must access, then click their name and click Add.
  • g. When you're finished, click OK to apply delegate settings.
  • h. If you have rights to the items of that user, they should begin to populate shortly.