Hear All 12 Hours Of They Might Be Playing They Might Be Giants 2020!

The entire broadcast is available to stream via KMSU on-demand!

November 11, 2020 |

They Might Be Playing They Might Be Giants Triceratops


Well, another amazing They Might Be Playing They Might Be Giants is in the books! So many requests from all over the world, including FRANCE! Merci, France, for joining the TMBPTMBG family! Head over to tmbg.love for all kinds of details, including the winners of the 2020 coloring contest. This was another truly wonderful twelve hour marathon of music and community, and we need a whole lot of both these days.  They Might Be Giants fans are incredible people, and it's a joy to spend this day with all of you. You're all Radio Heroes!

If you missed any of the show today, including our interviews with the Johns, you're in luck! Here's the ENTIRE twelve hour broadcast available to review, study, and puzzle over.  It'll be available for two weeks, so make the most of it!  While you're at it, visit kmsu.org and check out our schedule.  All of our locally produced programming is available on-demand!


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