KMSU Hosts on Mankato Free Press Podcast

Robb Murray's Freepcast gets to know Mankato area voices

May 25, 2020 |

Sign that says PODCAST

Journalist Robb Murray started a podcast in early 2019 called FreepCast, featuring Mankato area artists, musicians, and notable personalities.  While all of the interviews are interesting and worth checking out, there are a few that might of particular interest to KMSU listeners.  Several KMSU hosts have appeared on FreepCast, and their turns on the podcast are funny, thoughtful, and heartbreaking.  Give them a listen, and then check out the rest of the FreepCasts wherever podcasts are available.

Shuffle Function hosts Shyboy Tim and Shelley

Joe Tougas, The Way Out

Justin "Fuzzy" Fasnacht, MN Music Network

Ann Rosenquist Fee, Live From the Arts Center of Saint Peter

Dustin Wilmes and Juston "Ton" Cline, The Five Count

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