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When you can't be in the office, utilize several tools and tips we offer at the University to stay productive and connected. Keep working wherever you are by accessing your desk phone, software, meetings, and more. Find below a list of frequently asked questions and resources to help you succeed. Still have questions? Submit an IT Ticket, we can help.

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Setting Your Computer Up At Home

When bringing your work computer home, the first thing to do is ensure your Wi-Fi or wired internet is set up to connect to your home internet connection. MavNet or eduroam is not available off-campus. If you have a desktop machine you will need to use a wired connection (using an ethernet cable) or obtain a wireless dongle to connect to Wi-Fi. Contact the IT Solutions Center for help.

Internet not cooperating at home?

Campus Wi-Fi is available on campus in parking lot 11A. Stay in your vehicle and connect to the campus Wi-Fi while remaining socially distant. We encourage you to use your home network if at all possible and use this option only if needed.

Improve Work Station Ergonomics


While setting up your remote workspace, consider ergonomics. Pay attention to your posture and make sure your computer monitor is at the appropriate level. Remember to take breaks and do simple stretches throughout the day to relieve muscle tension.

Tech Help and Support

Tech questions? We have you covered! Here we share useful help and support resources for quick answers to your tech questions. 


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Connect Using WorkMSU

WorkMSU is a new way to virtually access a comprehensive collection of campus software and services remotely. Use WorkMSU off-campus from a personally owned or work computer. 

This is a great new option if you traditionally used a VPN at home and also allows you to connect to services without extra steps. WorkMSU has access to more applications, is easier to connect to, and offers faster connection speeds.

Get Started with workmsu

Connect Using the VPN

Some software, services or resources such as ISRS, or file storage on MavDISK  (the M and N drive) that are available to employees while on campus are also accessible remotely. Connect to the VPN (a virtual private network) to access and use these resources while off-campus. 

Access ISRS (Uniface) with the VPN

Note: 3/17/2020
IT Solutions is currently making system adjustments to support faster VPN speeds. There are also limits to how many users can log in to the VPN at the same time. We do not foresee this as a being a problem but want you to know we are consistently monitoring usage, and have plans in place to address this if an issue arises. We do recommend using WorkMSU over the VPN connection if possible. 

Yes, state-owned laptops, desktops, monitors, keyboards and mice can be brought home and used remotely.  

Yes, you are not required to work just from your state-owned device.  We always want to encourage you to keep your data, and therefor, the campus community safe by practicing safe cyber habits. Learn more about staying securing on campus or off on our CyberAware website.

Traditional VPN users, have you considered exploring our NEW way to access key campus-based software and services such as ISRS, Web Accounting, the Integration Server, ImageNow and more than 10 more applications? Try WorkMSU for faster speeds with more software at your fingertips! 

VPN Information
Authorized users can access University resources remotely by logging in with your StarID and StarID password with the VPN service. 

VPN Login

VPN Instructions

Access ISRS Off-Campus with VPN

While a full desk-top phone experience is not possible at remote locations at this time, you can access your voicemail, record greetings and forward your phone to another device.

Record a new voicemail greeting 
  • Record a new voicemail greeting letting your caller know you are currently working remotely, will receive their voicemail and will return their call as soon as possible. 
  • If you know your PIN, you can dial into and change your voicemail via the Cisco interface.
Forward your calls 
  • You can forward your desk phone calls to another local phone number.


Voicemail to email
  • As an employee at Minnesota State University, Mankato you should already be receiving your voicemail messages in your University email.
  • If you are not currently receiving voicemails in your work email, please submit a ticket, we can help.

Yes, our official online meeting tool, Zoom, is an easy-to-use tool that can be used on any device including your mobile phone. All students, staff, and faculty have access to Zoom. People outside the University, such as community members, business partners, etc., can also join your meeting by creating a free account

It is possible to connect with video, voice and share your screen using Zoom. You can pre-schedule meetings with up to 500 contacts or meet with someone one-on-one by sharing a link. You can use Zoom on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  

COMING SOON, MavLABS, is an all-new way to virtually access specialty software in campus computer labs, like ARC GIS, CAD, labs for geography, physics, biology, and more.

Want to request a lab or lab software available on campus be added to MavLABS? Submit a ticket to IT Solutions and we will be in touch. 

IT Solutions is happy to continue the same support we already offer. Please visit our Help & Support website to view our hours, location, phone number, email or to submit a ticket.

View instructions on how to:

  • create a Zoom room
  • add the location to MavCONNECT
  • update a previously scheduled meeting to the Zoom location
  • host the Zoom meeting
  • and log meeting notes in MavCONNECT

Here are some low or no cost internet and computer resources we have found online or that have been shared with our campus community. 

Low or No-Cost Internet and Computer Options

  • Charter Communications is offering Free Spectrum broadband and WiFi access for 60 days in-home with K-12 and/or college students that don’t have an existing Spectrum service level up to 100 Mbps. 
  • Comcast is offering 'Internet Essentials' package free for low-income customers for 60 days. There is also an option to buy refurbished low-cost computers. 
  • Comcast also announced Friday, March 13, 2020, it would open free public Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the country, as part of its response to the Coronavirus outbreak. It will also eliminate data caps for its customers.  
  • Minnesota Computers for Schools – Lifelong Learners Program: Do you needed a computer but had no way of getting one? This may be a program to help. There is an application process, and the student would need a portion filled out by a Learning Partner/Counselor/Social Worker/Job Coach, etc. 
  • PCs for People - This option provides the ability to provide low-cost internet and computers to individuals who meet certain eligibility requirements. The internet access is provided with mobile hot-spots, which would allow students to take it wherever it is needed. 
  • MIDCO Lifeline - Lifeline is a federal program intended to put a home phone and internet service within the reach of qualifying families – giving low-income households affordable home phone or internet access. 
  • Minnesota Office of Broadband Development -  Digital Inclusion: If you are a low-income subscriber residing in either a Comcast, CenturyLink, Charter or Midcontinent area, you may be eligible for reduced pricing of monthly broadband service.

IT Solutions Video is here and available to support your transition to online teaching and working by helping you capture and produce quality content.

We want to help you with:

  1. Live-streaming (e.g. lab or in-classroom demos)
  2. Lecture capture 
  3. Campus tours, virtual presentations, digital events and more! 

We specialize in broadcast, live-streaming and have a full, professional video recording team as well as a green screen studio that is available for use during this time.Video_services_editorial.jpg

When not helping with online course content, we are the team behind the camera at most Maverick sporting events, we live stream student government meetings, events and manage the Charter Maverick TV channel. View samples of our past work are available on our YouTube channel.

Interested in learning more or want to schedule a time with the video team? Contact to get started. We are committed to a quick response and turnaround time so you can keep providing the best quality teaching and learning experience for all.

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