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Student, Faculty or Staff member? You've got access to! is the premier online learning website. Here you can learn about and gain skills with a multitude of subject matter as well as specific programs. If you want to increase your skills for a job, for work, or even just if you are curious to learn more, is the place for you. They have courses in subject areas such as 3D and Animation, Audio and Music, Education and E-Learning, IT, and many more. Their courses are in a video format that also provides full transcripts to read along with the instruction. To help solidify your instruction they even provide you with Exercise Files to work alongside the videos to help keep you more engaged with the learning to increase learning retention. is a premium online learning service that you have access to as a student here at Minnesota State University, Mankato. You will have to create an account by following the steps below, but once you have done so you will have full access to's expansive library of courses.


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