Top 5 Tech Tips for Students Living On-Campus

Getting Started with Technology in the Residence Halls

August 20, 2019 |

If you’re moving into your residence hall room for the first time or getting settled back in as a returning on-campus student, you’ll want to set up your tech as quickly and easily as possible. IT Solutions has you covered! Check out these top five tech tips to make sure you’re ready for fall semester. 


1. ResTech Services 

What is it? If you need assistance with your school computer, look no further. ResTech Services is the technology help center exclusively available for residence hall students. Get help with computer set-up, software installation, virus and malware removal, and more.  

Where can I find it? Lower level of Carkoski Commons (CC 0006) 


2. Residence Hall Wi-Fi 

What is it? Residence halls have their own Wi-Fi separate from the campus-wide network. When you’re in the residence halls, connect to Reslife-Secure. 

How do I access it? Choose the Reslife-Secure network, log in with your Star ID and StarID password, and make sure your devices are registered. 


3. Device Registration 

What is it? You must register your devices, such as laptops, tablets, gaming consoles, and TVs, in order to use the Reslife-Secure Wi-Fi network.  

How do I register my devices? You can complete the registration for each device online by yourself or contact ResTech Services for assistance or schedule an appointment


4. MavMAIL 

What is it? Your official University email is called MavMAIL and you should check it often. This is how you’ll communicate with professors and classmates. It's also where you’ll receive important messages about financial aid, classes, and campus events.  

Where do I find it? Access MavMAIL through Microsoft Outlook in Microsoft Office 365. You can download five free copies of Office 365 on your devices, which includes software like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more - all for no additional charge. You can also get Office 365 apps on your mobile device, or access everything online through your web browser. 

How do I log in? Log in to Office 365 using and your StarID password. 


5. Free TV Access With SpectrumU 

What is it? SpectrumU allows you to watch free TV anywhere on campus. With 176 channels, movies on-demand, and live sports, you’ll have everything you need for study breaks, season premieres, and movie nights! Enjoy HBO, ESPN, Showtime, and more. 

How do I access it? No login is required, but you must be connected to campus Wi-Fi. Use the residence hall network, Reslife-Secure, or the campus-wide network, MavNet-Encrypted. 

  • Download the SpectrumU mobile app from the App Store or from Google Play 

  • Watch on your TV in your residence hall room (live TV only) 


Bonus Tips 

Cybersecurity Basics 

What is it? Cybersecurity means taking steps to keep yourself and your information safe online. Cybercriminals exist and they use many tricks and tools to try to steal personal information – don't make it easy for them. In order to protect yourself, it’s important to practice good security habits. An easy way to start is by remembering the Four Ps:

  • Patching: Make sure your devices are always updated. 
  • Phishing: Don’t fall for email, text, or phone call scams – be wary of unknown senders. 
  • Passwords: Make your passwords lengthy and complex, and never share them. 
  • Protect Your Devices: Don’t misplace your devices or leave them unattended. 


Need New Tech and Accessories? Visit the Campus Computer Store 

What is it? The Campus Computer Store is where you can get all the tech gadgets you need to prepare for the semester. Get laptops, tablets, headphones, chargers, cables, and more. Find everything you need, right on campus. Shop in-store or online

Where is it located? In the lower level of the Centennial Student Union 




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