Campus Technology 101

Becoming a Tech Savvy Maverick in six steps

June 27, 2019 |

Campus Tech 101

Whether you’re an undergrad or a graduate student, figuring out where to begin with technology on campus can be tricky and overwhelming. There are so many options! IT Solutions has the inside scoop – we'll help you get started with the campus tech essentials that you’ll need most for your classes. With these six steps, you’ll be a tech wiz in no time!

Getting Started Checklist

1. Set up Your StarID

  • What is it? Think of your StarID as your all-access key, so keep it protected! You will use this to log in to your Minnesota State Mankato accounts, like MavMAIL, D2L Brightspace, E-Services, and more.
  • How do I activate it? If you are activating for the first time, or if you need to change your password, visit our StarID Help guide.


2. Connect to WiFi

  • Which network do I choose? Students should use the encrypted networks to ensure their connection is secure. For campus-wide access, choose MavNet-Encrypted. For residence hall access, choose Reslife-Secure.
  • How do I connect? Select the network you want and log in with your StarID username and password. If you have connection troubles, you can always view our IT support articles for help.


3. Set up Your MavMAIL

  • What is it? MavMAIL is your official Minnesota State Mankato email account. Every student has one, and this is how the University communicates with you. You’ll get important reminders about registration, financial aid, classes, and much more.
  • How do I log in? MavMAIL is accessed through Microsoft Outlook on Microsoft Office 365. You can log in online, or you can download Office 365 on your devices for free. Log in using <yourStarID> and your StarID password.


4. Use MavPRINT

  • What is it? MavPRINT gives you access to over 50 printers all around campus. $20 in printing gets pre-loaded onto your account every semester, no action needed!
  • How do I print? Use any device to log in to the online print center with your StarID credentials. Then, upload your documents. Locate a MavPRINT printer, log in to the machine with your StarID credentials, and print!


5. Access D2L Brightspace

  • What is it? D2L Brightspace is the online hub for your classes. You can download course materials, view and turn in your assignments, get reminders, and track your grades here.
  • How do I access it? Log in online with your StarID credentials. Each professor uses D2L Brightspace a little differently, so ask them for guidance if needed.


6. Get Free Software

  • What can I download?
    • 5 copies of Microsoft Office 365 and Office Mobile. Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, and more! Remember, Microsoft Office 365 and all its tools are also available on the web.
    • MavAPPS. Includes University software specific to some classes and majors, like computing and statistics software. Feel free to explore it on your own, or ask your professor if you need to download MavAPPS for class.
    • MATLAB and Simulink. These are mathametical programming software for computing that provide a variety of specialized tools for coursework and academic research.
  • How do I download? We make it easy - just follow the instructions on our website. If you have trouble, you can always search our IT support article database.

Download MATLAB & Simulink


BONUS TECH TIP: Mav Life Mobile App

Mav Life is the NEW official University mobile app. You can customize your profile,  connect with friends,  set up your calendar,  see campus maps, access the bus tracker, and more. Download Mav Life to get started!



Need help with any of these steps? IT Solutions has your back!


Print this list or explore our other tech guides to get ready for class!


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