Lecture Capture

Lecture capture refers to the process of recording a lecture that the instructor will place on the Web for students to watch online. This practice can be used in both face-to-face courses and in fully online classes. There are specific classrooms that are set up for classroom recording, or you may schedule a time in the HD Recording Studio.   

Service Categories

Service Details

All Minnesota State Mankato faculty, staff and students are eligible to use this service.
Service Locations
Camtasia is available at all Campus Locations, HD Recording studio is available on the Minnesota State Univeristy, Mankato Campus. Classroom recording is only available in specific classrooms on the Minnesota State University, Mankato.
Standard Maintenance Windows
Scheduled as needed
Service Level Agreement: MNSU - Standard

Standard Service Level Agreement:
Response and resolution times for services are determined by the priority your request is given when it is received. This priority is determined by considering the scope, visibility, and operational impact of your request along with the urgency.

  • Normal Priority:
    • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
    • Time to Resolution - 5 business days
  • Important Priority:
    • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
    • Time to Resolution - 3 business days
  • Critical Priority:
    • Time to Initial Response - 4 hours
    • Time to Resolution - 1 business day

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