Course Request, Deletion, and Updates

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When are Courses added?

Courses are automatically added by semester on this schedule:

  • Fall: Late April/Early May
  • Spring: Mid-October
  • Summer: Mid-March

When Are Courses Deleted?

University courses are removed/permanently deleted on a two-year cycle. Development, sandbox, training, Quality Matters® and other non-semester courses are not deleted.

Course Deletion Schedule for 2021:

  • Fall 2018 (20193) courses will be removed starting Feb. 1, 2021
  • Spring 2019 (20195) courses will be removed starting July 1, 2021
  • Summer 2019 (20201) courses will be removed starting Oct. 1, 2021

Learn how to save and share your course materials and gradebooks:

Save/Export Your Course Materials

Share your course materials

How do I Request merged/grouped Courses?

Request your grouped/merged D2L Brightspace Course using these instructions, note:

  • Requests process in 1 - 2 days
  • Merged/grouped requests should be done before any content or student submissions are added to the course.
  • More information on instructor access to D2L Brightspace

request merged/grouped Course tool

How do I add a TA or co-teacher?

Learn about options to add a TA or Co-Teacher: Instructor access to D2L Brightspace

Add TA/Teacher Request Form

How do I request d2l brightspace support?

Here are a few ways to quickly get support:

Request D2l brightspace Support

When is D2L Brightspace Updated?

D2L Brightspace is updated on a monthly basis to improve features and functionality. Updates are applied in real time, there is no down time for updates.

Read the detailed release notes on the system support site to learn about each months' update.

Note: You may be prompted to login in with your credentials to access this site.

Look up Release Notes

How Can I Test New Updates?

You can preview and test updates and features in our quality assurance (QA) site.

Note: This is a copy of our production site for testing purposes, all courses are inactive and students cannot access these courses.

Preview Updates in QA

Learn More about Updates and Features

Browse our homepage Announcements archive for even more on:

  • tips and troubleshooting
  • best practices
  • new features

Browse Announcements Archive

helpful links

Browse these helpful links to complete common D2L Brightspace requests:

Request Merged/Grouped Courses

Request your merged/grouped D2L Brightspace Courses using this quick web form.

Add a Teacher's Assistant or Co-Teacher

Use this simple form to request manual enrollment of Teacher's Assistants and Co-Teachers in your D2L Brightspace courses.

Request D2L Brightspace Support

Use this simple form to fast track your request directly to the D2L Brightspace team in IT Solutions.