Technology Repair

This service covers the hardware repair of the majority of technology purchased on this campus through the Campus Computer Store. This includes both warranty and non-warranty hardware repairs. Customers are encouraged to consult the IT Solutions Center prior to requesting Technology Repair Services for initial troubleshooting. Many issues can be resolved without having to replace hardware.  

Refer to our online price guide for warranty contact information along with common repair upgrade and labor costs.

Service Categories

Service Details

Services Included
If a device is under warranty, repairs will be completed free of charge. There will be charges for data back up services. If a repair is not covered under warranty there will be a $55 diagnostic fee in order for us to determine the problem and provide a customer estimate. If the estimate is acceptable the diagnostic fee will be applied to the overall cost of the repair. Payment is due upon completion. Please refer to for common repair estimates. Diagnostic estimates are typically completed within 3 days. Completion time of repair will vary based on availability and delivery time for required parts. Typical response is 10 business days.
All Minnesota State Mankato Students, Employees and Emeriti are eligible to request this service.
Service Locations
Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus
Standard Maintenance Windows
Service Level Agreement: MNSU - Standard

Standard Service Level Agreement: Response and resolution times for services are determined by the priority your request is given when it is received. This priority is determined by considering the scope, visibility, and operational impact of your request along with the urgency.

Normal Priority:

  • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
  • Time to Resolution - 5 business days

Important Priority:

  • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
  • Time to Resolution - 3 business days

Critical Priority:

  • Time to Initial Response - 4 hours
  • Time to Resolution - 1 business day

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