Digital Signage

This service provides consultation, installation, and technical support for the digital signage systems (Carousel) on campus. This service will be provided to any campus college, department, or office looking to provide digital signage for transmission of information on displays on the campus.  

Some features include:

  • Ability to log in from any web browser to create and manage content and view an HTML preview on the Carousel channel.
  • Schedule and send individual messages or groups of messages in a streamlined workflow.
  • System Monitoring:
    • Get system status
    • Monitor Player check-ins
    • View bulletin impression counts
    • Push software updates to Players
  • User Roles and Permissions: Manage user roles and permissions directly in Carousel or from your existing Active Directory.
  • Capable of supporting multiple zones on one screen.

Service Categories

Service Details

Services Included
Availability: 14/7 excluding scheduled maintenance windows. Initial Start up costs for equipment will apply along with occasional hardware updates. The software license is paid for by IT Solutions.
All Minnesota State Mankato faculty and staff members are eligible to request this service.
Service Locations
Minnesota State University, Mankato Campus Minnesota State University at Edina
Standard Maintenance Windows
Unavailable during bi-annually software upgrades. Standard server maintenance windows are typically Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
Service Level Agreement: MNSU - Consulting

Consulting Service Level Agreement:

Response and resolution times for services are determined by the priority your request is given when it is received. This priority is determined by considering the scope, visibility, and operational impact of your request along with the urgency.

  • Normal Priority:
    • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
    • Time to Resolution - 15 business days
  • Important Priority:
    • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
    • Time to Resolution - 10 business days
  • Critical Priority:
    • Time to Initial Response - 1 business day
    • Time to Resolution - 7 business days

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