Accessible Technologies

Accessible Technologies is a strong advocate for learners of all types of physical and cognitive abilities. In partnership with our colleagues in Accessibility Resources, we provide services for captioning digital media, braille production for course materials, and a range of other services for support to help ensure that we are creating a landscape at Minnesota State University, Mankato that promotes the principles of Universal Design for Learning. We also serve as a clearinghouse for information and practical guidance in remaining compliant with a broad range of legal and ethical obligations under University, Minnesota State, local, state, and federal laws, from everything ranging from Copyright and Intellectual Property to FERPA, HIPAA, and Minnesota data privacy and protection requirements.

Service Categories

Service Details

Services Included
Charges for transcription/captioning may apply for groups outside of academic use. Estimates will be provided.
All Minnesota State University Mankato faculty, staff, and students may access these services.
Service Locations
All Campus Locations
Service Level Agreement: MNSU - Standard
Standard Service Level Agreement: Response and resolution times for services are determined by the priority your request is given when it is received. This priority is determined by considering the scope, visibility, and operational impact of your request along with the urgency. Normal Priority: Time to Initial Response - 1 business day Time to Resolution - 5 business days Important Priority: Time to Initial Response - 1 business day Time to Resolution - 3 business days Critical Priority: Time to Initial Response - 4 hours Time to Resolution - 1 business day

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