Is Your Smart Home Protected?

Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Smart Home Devices

August 14, 2019 |



What smart devices do you have connected to the Internet in your home right now? Can you even count them all? These days, the possibilities of smart devices are endless! That’s why cybersecurity shouldn’t end with just your laptop and your cell phone.


Any smart devices connected to your WiFi, like TVs, speakers, security cameras, gaming consoles, and even smart refrigerators, can be vulnerable to cybercriminals if they are unprotected. These four simple tips can help you enjoy the benefits of smart devices in your home without having to worry about cyberthreats. 


Remember the MAVS acronym to help you check your new or existing smart devices to make sure they are protected. 


M - Manage devices 

  • Make sure it is necessary to connect the device to the Internet before doing so. 

  • Always know which devices are connected to the Internet and check their security status regularly. 


A - Auto-update 

  • Update the device frequently to keep the software patched and secure. 

  • Turn on auto-updates if they are available so you know your device is always up to date. 


V - Verify the seller 

  • Make sure the company is legitimate and trusted. Do research if necessary! 

  • Choose devices that include various security options.


S - Stay secured 

  • Make passwords custom and complex, and never share them.

  • Enable the highest amount of privacy by prohibiting the device from collecting and sharing information. Be aware that voice-command devices can be listening all the time.


Learn more about smart device safety on SANS, a top cybersecurity awareness resource. 


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