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Three Good Habits to Stay Safe on Social Media

July 22, 2019 |


Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter – social media is everywhere and it’s now an integral part of our society. Many of us find ourselves checking up on our socials several times a day and posting snippets from every aspect of our lives. Sometimes it can be easy to overlook privacy, but don’t forget that your social media and the information attached to it are valuable. To ensure your privacy and protect your character online, add positive habits into your social media routine.  


Follow these steps to shield your social media from danger: 


1. Take privacy seriously 

  • Know the privacy settings available and use them 

  • Monitor information the platform and other users have access to, like your location 

  • Make sure your account has a secure password and enable extra authentication options 


2. Consider your reputation 

  • Know that once you post on the Internet, it may eventually become public 

  • Remember that posts could be monitored by important people, like job recruiters  

  • Don’t overlook what others post about you and ask them to remove it if necessary 


 3. Read the fine print 

  • Don't skip the Terms of Service  

  • Make sure you are informed of the regulations before engaging  

  • Know what rights users have and what liberties the platform may take 

Learn more about social media safety on SANS, a top cybersecurity awareness resource. 


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