Summer Shopping Tips

how to stay safe online

June 28, 2019 |


Whether you’re shopping online for a fresh summer wardrobe, pool party supplies, or new tech gadgets, the retail industry during the summertime is packed with enticing sale events and new inventory to draw you in. Online shopping is comfy and convenient, but be aware that it can open your information up to lurking cybercriminals.

Learn how to stay safe when shopping online so you can enjoy your new purchases and rest assured that your information is secure. A quick double check of a few key questions can prevent your light hearted shopping spree from turning into a catastrophe at the hands of a cybercriminal. 


Before you buy anything online, ask yourself:  

1. Is my device secure? 

  • Update all your apps and software. 
  • Make sure the device is free of viruses or malware. 

2. Is my connection secure? 

  • Avoid using public WiFi to access personal accounts or engage in business that requires your personal information, like online shopping. 

  • Make sure the webpage is secure by looking for the lock icon in the address bar and the URL prefix https://  

3. Are my accounts protected? 

  • Enable extra authentication options for an added barrier on your crucial accounts, like social media, email, and banking. 

  • Make sure your passwords are lengthy and secure – and never share them! 

4. Is the website legitimate? 

  • Make sure that the retailer is well-known, reliable, and trusted. If you’re unsure, check reviews from other customers. 

  • If the offer seems too good to be true, don’t trust it! 

5. What information is required at checkout? 

  • Monitor the personal information that the seller asks for, and question whether it’s necessary before giving it out. 

  • Only give the information that is required. If the field is not required, leave it blank. 


Print this checklist and keep it for reference!

Printable Checklist


For more cybersecurity tips, stay up to date with IT Solutions! 


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