OneNote Gets Even Better!

Summer Updates Are Coming

June 28, 2019 |


An assortment of summer updates coming to Microsoft OneNote will give a boost to study options and improve upon OneNote’s shareability and integration features. Expect your OneNote experience to get a whole lot smoother just in time for the fall semester!  

Here's what to expect from the summer updates: 

  • Send Emails to OneNote. Press the Send to OneNote button to copy Outlook emails into a notebook. 
  • Publish Notebooks. Share a link to a copy of your notebook with OneNote for the web. 
  • Better Printing. Easily scale your OneNote pages to fit perfectly onto a printout. 
  • Practice Math Quiz Generator. Did you know you can use OneNote's Math Assistant to help you solve equations step by step? Now Math Assistant can generate quizzes with questions relevant to the equations you select. 

 For full details on OneNote’s summer updates, visit Microsoft's Education Blog.


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