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July 03, 2019 |

Files can pile up quickly! Whether you’re a student or an employee on campus, it’s essential to find ways to study and work efficiently. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter and need an easy way to organize and share files, now is the time to try Microsoft OneDrive, a cloud-based file storage service. 


How do I access OneDrive? 

OneDrive is a part of Microsoft Office 365, which is provided free to students, faculty, and staff on campus. Using your MavMAIL login credentials, you can access OneDrive online or through the downloadable app.

Log in to OneDrive     Download Office 365


What can OneDrive do for me? 

  • Safe cloud storage of up to 5 TB of files. Upload single files or entire folders to OneDrive anytime, anywhere. Store documents, photos, videos, and more on the cloud. 
  •  Access files on any device. Automatically sync your files between your devices and the OneDrive cloud. Now, you can access them online and offline, and they will stay updated on all your devices! 
  •  Never worry about losing important photos and documents. Unlike flash drives that can be fragile and unstable, you can rest easy when you back up your files to the OneDrive cloud. Even if you lose or damage your device, your files remain unharmed. 
  •  Easily share files with others. At the workplace, at school, at home – anywhere! Directly send files and folders to anyone, and manage their editing permissions. 
  •  Collaborate on documents over the web. Use the web application to work together in real time on any Office document by sharing and allowing editing permissions. You’ll see who’s working and what changes they’re making. 
  •  Keep your device’s storage space open with Files On-Demand. Use this feature to avoid downloading all of your OneDrive files when syncing your device. All your files will be visible on your device, but you choose which ones to download. 


Need help getting started? 

Get support from IT Solutions, learn how to navigate OneDrive’s features, find information about Files On-Demand, and more with these helpful links. 

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