New Option in MavMAIL Helps You Report Phishing Emails

Microsoft Outlook "Report Message" Button Available on October 1st

September 27, 2019 |

With National Cybersecurity Awareness Month right around the corner, the new option in Microsoft Outlook’s new option to instantly report messages as phishing is a helpful resource to shield against cybercriminals and to boost awareness of the importance of cybersecurity. Phishing emails are frequently used by cybercriminals to try to trick people into giving up personal information – don't fall for it! Instead, protect yourself and help make our University safer by reporting the email. 


How Do I Report a Phishing Email? 

Previously, reporting a phishing email required you to send the email to This will remain an acceptable option for everyone – but there is now a new way to report phishing. 

With Microsoft Outlook’s new built-in "Report Message" option, you can automatically report phishing and junk emails to both the Minnesota State Information Security, Risk, and Compliance Team and Microsoft at the click of a button. The new option will be available to the full University community on October 1st


If you receive a phishing scam or junk in your email, here’s how to report it using the new option: 

  1. While viewing the message within Microsoft Outlook, select the "Report Message" option from the Outlook ribbon. 

  1. Select the "Phishing" or "Junk" option to report. 


Each version of Microsoft Outlook may look different. Here's what it might look like for you: 




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