Meet Jacquie Lamm, Head Coach of Mavericks Esports

November 03, 2020 |


Jacquie Lamm - gamertag 'Luggnuttzz' - is the new head coach of Mavericks Esports, working alongside IT Solutions to help build the program, recruit teams, and act in liaison with student gaming groups.

Lamm is originally from Lake Crystal, Minnesota, and is an alumna of Minnesota State University, Mankato. She received her undergraduate degree in business management and recently completed graduate school in May 2020 with a Master of Science in Educational Leadership.  

Lamm has always loved the gaming world and became interested in pursuing a career related to esports during graduate school. She got involved in the Maverick Gaming Community on campus and started assisting in the development of varsity esports at the University in its early stages while still working on her graduate degree. Now, after having completed her graduate degree and becoming the official head coach of Mavericks Esports, she is excited to help bring new opportunities to students at Minnesota State Mankato. Take a look at our Q and A to learn more about her vision for esports at the University. 

What do you expect to be the most challenging part of being an esports coach? ​ 

Coach Lamm: Starting a new program can be stressful. Am I doing it right? What happens if we fail? I have a lot of great departments that have reached out to me so far and offered assistance. Other universities have also offered advice and are very open to giving insight on what they have done. It is a very welcoming community, and everyone is working together.  


What are some highlights of your job so far?  

Coach Lamm: ​Making everything a reality. Not just for myself, but the students also. This is a huge dream for a lot of us, to see a varsity esports program on campus and having the ability to assist the students with leveling up their talent and competitiveness.  


What is your favorite aspect of the gaming community? 

Coach Lamm: ​There is always someone who is looking for someone to play with. A lot of people find lifelong friends while playing video games. I've met people across the globe and still stay in contact with them either while playing our favorite video games together or keeping up with their social feeds. Students can meet new friends and enjoy the passion for their favorite games.  


What’s your favorite game? ​ 

Coach Lamm: This is always a hard question! Currently, my favorite game is Warzone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. That's because it’s what I mainly play at the moment.  


Are you a PC or console gamer?  

Coach Lamm: I started as a console gamer with the Super Nintendo and N64. As I grew up, I eventually moved to be a PC player when I could afford my PC gaming machine, which I built myself. 


Outside of gaming, what do you like to do in your free time? ​ 

Coach Lamm: I love to read and spend time with my husband and my 2-year-old. She sure is a handful and loves to wake us up at 4 AM every day! It's fun watching her grow up and seeing everything through her eyes. Everything is new and exciting, and all her little achievements make my heart melt.  


Is there any insider information you can share about the future of Mavericks Esports? ​

Coach Lamm: Our spring 2021 semester is going to be exciting! We will have two official varsity teams; League of Legends and CS:GO. We also have gained a lot of interest from students for a Rocket League team and a SMASH team. These two titles are very likely for a fall 2021 season.  


Special thanks to Coach Lamm for her time and best of luck to Mavericks Esports! Connect with Mavericks Esports on the webFacebook, and Twitter to keep up with the latest on varsity esports at Minnesota State Mankato. 


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