Top Tips to Enhance Your Website

For University Web Editors

June 10, 2020 |


University website editors, looking to spruce up your website? This article will touch on all the necessary tips that will upgrade, refresh, and attract more engagement to your website using different tools.

1. Getting Started

  • Create a plan: consider asking yourself questions such as, what is your target audience? What is the purpose of this site? What does a successful website look like to you?
  • Reevaluate your content: recognize if your content has grown since the launch. Has your target audience changed? Is your goal still the same?
  • Review your content regularly: set reminders on your calendar to review the site’s content. Make sure the dates in your references and visuals are up to date. Check if any content can be taken down, such as previous events, past dates, and terms like “coming soon.”

2. Accessibility and Discoverability

  • Include alt text on all images: The purpose of alt text is to ensure accessibility of the site’s content for those with visual impairments, plus it enhances discoverability. Describe all images in the alt text. If there are words on your visuals, make sure to also type them out on the webpage.
  • Understand search engine optimization: make sure your content is discoverable by grasping the basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Browse SEO tutorials
  • Be descriptive: include meta keywords and meta description to help with SEO and discoverability.
  • Use social media marketing: drive traffic to your site with social media. 

3. Refreshing Your Website’s Look

  • Add advanced blocks:  enhance your web pages by adding advanced blocks, while keeping the purpose in mind. Try creating new blocks like news, events, and hour blocks.
  • Refresh your visual content:  keep authenticity in visual communication. Avoid generic-looking stock photos and aim for photography done on campus. Browse campus photography

4. Managing the Long Term

  • Collect feedback:  gather the opinion of your site from your target audience and adjust accordingly.
  • Be strategic:  plan to keep the website going long-term. Create a strategic plan that works for your site. Take it one step at the time, review the content often, and make smaller changes more frequently.

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