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5 easy steps to be secure this year

January 04, 2021 |


Our Information Security team works year-round to help keep the University safe from cybercriminals, but we need you to help do your part in protecting yourself. Boost your security this year by taking the CyberAware Pledge in five easy steps!

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Take the CyberAware pledge


1. Think twice before you click 

Links can hold malicious content that can harm your device. Think twice before you click on links, whether they're in an email or on a website.

Phishing tips


2. Enable multi-factor authentication 

Have you enabled multi-factor authentication on your Microsoft Office 365 account yet? It takes just a moment and helps keep your account and our University safe from cybercriminals.

Enable multi-factor authentication


3. Protect your Socials 

Don’t let hackers find unwanted information about you on the internet! Protect your social media profiles by updating your privacy settings and only accepting friends you know.

Social media safety tips


4. Keep tabs on your apps 

Keep tabs on your apps by checking permissions, like location and camera settings. Keep apps updated and only download from official app stores.

Patching tips


5. Mix up your passwords  

To keep your accounts secure, mix up your passwords every 6 months. Make sure they’re lengthy and secure or try using passphrases to help you remember.

Password tips

After you've taken the pledge, help spread the word with these downloadable assets!

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more security tips

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