Beware of Coronavirus Relief Scams

Fake relief payments and charities

April 06, 2020 |


Recently, the FBI released a public service announcement warning citizens of an uptick in phishing and scams surrounding COVID-19. One of the newest scams to pop up involves cybercriminals pretending to be government officials distributing coronavirus relief payments. Beware of suspicious communications from potential cybercriminals requesting your personal or financial information in exchange for payment. For accurate and up to date information on the government’s coronavirus relief payments, visit the IRS website.

Charity scams are also popular among cybercriminals during events like the COVID-19 outbreak. Before you make a charity donation, be sure to do proper research to ensure that the organization is legitimate and to avoid falling victim to a scam. Check out this helpful guide from the Federal Trade Commission to learn how to spot and avoid charity scams.


Visit the CyberAware website for more tips on how to stay safe online.

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