Computer Repair Still Offered By Campus Computer Store

call or email to talk about your options

April 01, 2020 |


Though the physical location is closed, the Campus Computer Store is still operating online and is still offering repair for computers. Most computers are accepted for repair, even if it is not covered by the Campus Computer Store warranty or was purchased from another store. Out of warranty prices will vary based on service availability. We have shipping and curbside pick up options depending on your preference.

Before contacting the Campus Computer Store, please contact the IT Solutions Center to troubleshoot your issue. If it is determined that your device must be repaired at the Campus Computer Store, please call us at 507-389-5942 or email us at to talk about your repair options before delivering your computer.

Departmental Orders

During this time of year, many University departments are making purchases. Please make sure you submit department orders as soon as possible to account for delays caused by COVID-19. Department orders are to be submitted via email to

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