Remote Access to Specialty Lab Software

March 22, 2020 |


Looking to use the software you usually are able to only access from a specialty on-campus computer lab? Look no further, IT Solutions has launched a solution that allows you to connect directly to a computer on campus with the software you need.

MavLABS allows you to access this software on your personal computers off-campus. You can connect to labs virtually to access specialty software, like ARC GIS, CAD, labs for geography, physics, biology, and more.

MavLABS Login

Are you a faculty member who often teaches in or uses on-campus computer labs? Request your Windows lab to be added to MavLabs today! Note, MavLABS cannot connect to on-campus Mac computers. There is not a solution to connect to Mac labs on campus. You can use a Windows or a Mac computer to use and connect to an on-campus Windows lab.

This service is open to all students, faculty, and staff to use.

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