Campus Wi-Fi Now Available in Lot 11A

park and connect to wi-fi from inside your car

March 27, 2020 |


The campus Wi-Fi network has been extended to cover parking lot 11A. If you're in need of a quick Wi-Fi connection, you may park in lot 11A and connect to campus Wi-Fi from inside your car, no permit needed. Please use this only as a last resort option if you're experiencing Wi-Fi issues at home. Remember to follow proper social distancing procedures and continue to stay home as much as possible during COVID-19.

Are you a college student or faculty member from another university but are in the Mankato area right now due to Covid-19? 

We welcome any higher-education student that may in the Mankato area doing distance education during the pandemic to use the eduroam Wi-Fi network. They can use the network if their university or college is part of the global eduroam network. Wonder if your school is a part of it? Look up partner schools online, if your institution is a part of eduroam, you can park in our lot and login to the network securely using your school's login information.


Where to Find Parking Lot 11A


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