University Wi-Fi

Get connected! Use our University Wi-Fi for secure, high speed, and reliable internet access across campus and in residence communities.

‘Educational roaming,’ or eduroam, is our fast and secure Wi-Fi network for personally-owned devices like laptops and smartphones. Connect to eduroam and you won’t have to worry about changing your password. You can also automatically connect to the eduroam network at any participating college or university worldwide.

MyResNet is the official Wi-Fi available in residence communities. Residence community students must log in or register their devices online in order to access the Wi-Fi in the residence communities. Register TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, and anything that connects to the Internet!

See setup materials provided in your residence hall room for special connection instructions.

MavNET-Encrypted is a secure Wi-Fi network intended for faculty and staff use on state-owned devices. It is available throughout the campus and remote University locations.

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