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What is Zoom? What are options to Adobe Connect? What should I use for web conferencing?

Access Zoom
Go to https://minnstate.zoom.us and choose Sign In using your Star ID.

Zoom Help Center

Zoom Live Training Webinars


What is Zoom?
Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool with a local, desktop client and a mobile app that allows users to meet online, with or without video for up to 500 attendees.



How Can I Get Help with Zoom?

There are many ways to get assistance with Zoom video conferencing.

You can also request individual or group training with an Instructional Designer.

Zoom Features

Zoom is available to all students, faculty, and staff with Star ID credentials.

Zoom users can:

  • Create a customized personal meeting ID link
  • Schedule a Zoom meeting using Outlook
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Share or annotate on one another's screens
  • Record sessions
    • Faculty and staff recordings are saved for 365 days
    • Student recordings are saved for 180 days
    • Everyone can permanently save recordings to MediaSpace
  • Connect with almost any latop, tablet, or device

Transition from Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect Pro will continue to be available until May 15, 2020. Any recordings stored in Adobe Connect must be downloaded from Adobe Connect prior to that date. These recordings can be stored permanently in MediaSpace.



Helpful Links

How to use and manage Zoom break out rooms


How long do we have Zoom? 

Minnesota State has signed a four year agreement with Zoom that runs from June 14, 2019 to June 13, 2023.

Zoom Capacity

Meeting Rooms have a 300 person meeting room capacity. You can schedule different URLs for each meeting you host or use your Personal Meeting ID as a persistent meeting location. Your account also gets a 500 person webinar space webinar space.  


Microphone and Telephone Audio Help

If you do not have a microphone (built in or external) available, you have the option to dial in or have Zoom call your phone. There is no charge to use the telephone service. 


Video Help

If your camera and internet connection can handle it, you’ll enjoy HD quality video.  Don’t have a HD camera or a “super-fast” connection to the Internet, no worries, Zoom will accommodate you. See More


Recording Help

Faculty and staff can to record their meetings to Zoom’s cloud service or their own computer. Recordings stored on Zoom’s cloud service will stick around for 365 days before they are deleted automatically.  If you need your recording longer, move your recording to the Minnesota State media service, Kaltura MediaSpace.  Faculty and staff can send Zoom cloud recordings directly to their Kaltura MediaSpace account. 


Students can also record meetings to Zoom’s cloud service, but they only hang around 180 days. See More


Screen Sharing and Whiteboard Help

You can share your computer screen or annotate on a whiteboard with Zoom. Note: instead of you are used to uploading a file within a meeting that will be displayed to participants, you can do this in Zoom by sharing your screen. See More


Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms can help facilitate small group discussion. See More

Mobile Devices App

In addition to traditional Win/Mac versions, Zoom has covered all major mobile platforms including iPhones/iPads using iOS, Androids, Chromebooks using ChromeOS, and Linux. See More  


Outlook Calendar Integration

Add the Zoom plugin to your Outlook account and add a Zoom meeting location right from your calendar invitation. This plugin allows you to send an Outlook meeting invitation with Zoom. See More

Zoom Help Center

You can request assistance directly from Zoom 24 x 7, including public holidays, where agents or technical engineers are available for email or live support.  You can also find self-service guides at the Zoom Help Center or watch some of the Zoom Video Tutorials.  If you need something more directed, attend one of live training sessions provided by Zoom.  Pick a date/time that works for your schedule at https://zoom.us/livetraining.



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