Using the wireless internet as a Guest

How can I access the wireless (Wi-Fi) network if I am visiting the campus? How do I access the Internet as a guest?

The MavGuest Wi-Fi network does not require a password. It allows access to the Internet and to services on campus that are accessible to the Internet. Most internal services such as MavDisk or ISRS are not accessible on the MavGuest Wi-Fi network.


The MavGuest Wi-Fi network is available in the following areas all year:

  • Centennial Student Union
  • Hubbard Building
  • Myers Field House
  • Taylor Center Bresnan Arena
  • Taylor Center Hall of Champions
  • Wigley Administration room 303


The MavGuest Wi-Fi network is available during summer and winter breaks campus-wide, except in the following areas:

  • Airport
  • Civic Center
  • Edina


If you are in an area of campus where the MavGuest Wi-Fi network is unavailable, you may be able to use the MavNet or MavNet-Encrypted Wi-Fi networks - which are available in all campus buildings. This is available to you if you are visiting the campus as a guest of a faculty or staff member. The MSU Faculty or Staff can create a guest account by filling our this form: Create Temporary Accounts. This guest account can also be used to log into lab and public computers.


If you need assistance with setting up a wireless connection please contact the IT Solutions Center via one of the following methods:

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