Using SPSS through MavApps for Windows and Mac OSX

How do I use MavAPPS to open SPSS?

Before beginning the process below, please see MavApps Mac OSX or MavApps Windows



How to use MavAPPS with Windows:



  1. Navigate to and click on the yellow button that says “Open Mavapps.”


  1. The following screen will appear. Click on Detect Receiver. Click on Download or Open Citrix Workspace Launcher.


  1. Citrix Workspace Launcher will display a logon screen. Click on Log On and sign in with your StarID and password.



  1. Click on IBM SPSS Statistics 26 and after the drop-down menu appears, click Open.

(Note, if the program does not open, look at the bottom left of the screen for the download to open.)

  1. You will see a progress bar with the selected program loading.

  1. Log in to the server with your StarID and password.