Unassigned Staff user in D2L Brightspace Classlist

Why is there an "Unassigned Staff" Teacher enrolled in my course? | Who is the Unassigned Staff user? | How do I remove this user?

Who is this Unassigned Staff user?

The "Unassigned Staff" user is an auto-generated placeholder account:

  • Created when a record in the registration system has a placeholder of "Unassigned Staff" in the Teacher of Record entry.
  • This is an empty/null account, no one can login to any "Unassigned Staff" account.

What causes this issue?

The issue is that D2L does not receive an "unenrollment" prompt for placeholder "Unassigned Staff" teacher of record due to a procedure issue with changing the teacher of record assignments in ISRS. This prompts D2L to enroll both the Unassigned Staff and the true teacher of record into the course.

How do I get rid of the Unassigned Staff user?

The permanent fix is on the registration system end:

  • Speak to your Department chair about updating the ISRS record.
  • Unassigned Staff user must be deleted from the affected course in the registration system.
  • Deleting means re-adding Unassigned Staff to the course as a teacher of record and then deleting the user permanently from the record.
  • This will prompt D2L to unenroll the "Unassigned Staff" null/empty user from the course.


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