Telepresence/Video Conference Reservations

How do I request a video conference reservation? How do I request a telepresence reservation?

Telepresence rooms are available throughout the MinnState campuses and can be reserved for video conference meetings by any faculty or staff. Requests for meetings will reserve rooms for all attendees’ rooms. Room assignments, web links and phone-in numbers will provided to the meeting host. NOTE: All requests for meetings must allow for at least 48 hours of notice for the timely setup of the video conference meeting.


To request a Telepresence/Video Conference meeting, submit a ticket to the IT Solutions Center with the following information:


  • Name for the meeting.
  • Start and end times of the meeting.
  • Name of the person at MNSU who is hosting the meeting.
  • The locations of all other attendees (e.g. St. Cloud State, Edina, Bemidji State).
  • The number of attendees at each location.
  • Whether or not individuals will connect their devices to the telepresence system, and what kind of devices will be connected (e.g. laptops, phones, tablets).


Tickets can be submitted to the IT Solutions Center by phone at 507-389-6654, by email at, or through our online form by clicking here.


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