Sharing or saving D2L Brightspace course materials

How do I share my D2L course with another faculty or Teacher's Assistant(TA)? How can I maintain student data privacy and share my D2L course with others? How can I collaborate with other faculty in my program to share course materials?

You can share and/or save D2L Brightspace course materials is via the Import/Export/Copy tool.

Option 1: Export/Import a course package. Note: Select components do NOT export, see this chart for details on this.

  • If you have a "Teacher" role in a D2L Brightspace course, Follow the steps in the video to export all or selected course materials in to a .zip course package.
  • Then another user can follow the steps in this video to import the .zip course package into their D2L Brightspace course. This practice supports student data privacy and intellectual property rights.

Option 2: Copy components into a Development course. See this chart for details on what will copy with a course.

You may also choose to request a "Development" non-semester course (a development course is not tied to university offerings and does not contain student data) in which you can share your course materials. You can do this by submitting a ticket to the IT Solutions Center. Enter the following information in the ticket:

  • Request for a "D2L Brightspace Development Course"
  • Your StarID
  • Name of the course, Example: "SPAN 202 - Development - Last Name"
  • The name(s) and StarID of any additional users to enroll in the course; indicate the role they should have:
    • "Teacher" role is full edit access
    • "Student" role is view only access.


Saving student grades, assignment submissions, and quiz responses

Student grades, assignment submission files, quizzes responses will not copy, export, or import. You can download or export these items within each respective component:

1. Export your gradebook.

2. Download all assignment submission files from a folder:

a.) Navigate to Assignments

b.) Click the title of the Assignment folder.

c.) Scroll down to the bottom of the list.

d.) Select 200 per page to assure you have all file submissions on one page.

e.) Scroll up to the top of the list.

f.) Check the box in the upper right corner to select all submissions.

g.) Click Download.

3. Download quiz responses:

a.) Navigate to Quizzes.

b.) Click the arrow next to the Quiz title.

c.) Click Statistics.

d.) Click Download as CSV or Download as Excel button.


Saving courses from deletion

If you need to save a course from deletion for research or program assessment purposes, please submit a ticket to the IT Solutions Center.

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