Set-up Star ID Sign On to a Qualtrics Survey

How do I assure who in my class has completed a survey activity? How can I verify who has completed a training in Qualtrics?

Adding an authenticator (Star ID sign in) to a survey flow will allow you to better verify the identity of who has taken your survey, including first name, last name, and email.

This is used primarily for training and educational/classroom use of Qualtrics. Sometimes there is a need to verify the identity of the participant, like when grading or reporting who has completed a training.

To set up an authenticator in your survey:

First, Access the Qualtrics Project you would like to add the authenticator to. Then:

  1. Click the Survey tab, and then click the Survey Flow tab in that menu.
  2. Click +Add a New Element Here.
  3. Click the Authenticator button.
  4. In the Authenticator type drop down menu, select SSO.
  5. Un-check the Associate Respondent with Panel.
  6. Check Capture Respondent Identifying Info.
  7. To capture Last Name, First Name, and Email, click the green plus sign two times. This will add two additional fields for three total.
  8. Enter the following into the fields: 
    1. Lastname = lastname
    2. Firstname = givenname
    3. Email = mail
  9. From the SSO Type drop down menu select Shibboleth.
  10. Click +Add a New Element Here below the authenticator block.
  11. Click Block button.
  12. Click Save Flow button.
  13. Edit the survey as normal.


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