Scantron Drop-off and or Pick-up Procedure

How do I get my scantrons scanned?

Instructor Scantron Process

In order to protect student private assessment data and instructors' intellectual property, as well as to remain in compliance with our interpretation of FERPA and MN Data Privacy Act requirements, the procedures below must be adhered to strictly.

  1. Place the tests into a sealed manila envelope (or campus envelope).
  2. Mark the Envelope as "Confidential".
  3. Print and Fill out the Scantron Form and include it in the manila envelope. Seal the envelope securely.

Note: Only listed reports can be processed. If you’d like an exception, please schedule a consultation with Michael Mandereld. This is to prevent the manipulation of student data.

  1. Deposit the sealed envelope with the scantrons (including the answer key) that you would like processed as well as the scantron form into the lockbox located outside of The Center for Excellence and Innovation, in the basement of the Memorial Library.
    Note: The Scantron Service requires two business days for standard requests and five business days for special requests.
  2. Upon processing of your tests, you will be emailed results in a digital format, and your Scantrons will be hand delivered back your Inter-Campus mail address within two business days.

Note: Due to data privacy issues, we will not maintain the physical copies in our office for pick-up, nor will we assist in disposal.


Note:  General purpose Scantron sheet #4521 must be used.

Note: In order to optimize compliance with our interpretation of FERPA and MN Data Privacy requirements, only the scantron team or authorized ITS team members can provide your scantrons back to you.

The scantrons should be treated by instructors as protected student data and secured, distributed, or destroyed in compliance with relevant state and federal laws, including FERPA and the MN Data Privacy Act.

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