Remote connection to a Common Desktop using WorkMSU - Windows

How can I access ISRS when off campus? How can I access MavDISK when I'm at home? How can I use FileMaker Pro when I'm not on campus?

These instructions are for accessing the Common Desktop via Windows.

Does not require connecting to the Virtual Private Network (VPN).
These instructions are applicable to faculty, staff, and student employees with rights to the applications.
Please view the video tutorial walk-through
if you have questions.


Windows Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the WorkMSU.rdp file to the off-campus device on which you are working.


  1. Click on the WorkMSU.rdp file you have downloaded to start Remote Desktop



  1. The first time you run this file, you will be asked to trust the publisher. Check the box indicating not to ask you again and click Connect.


  1. If you are prompted for your user name, use campus\StarID (Use YOUR StarID for StarID). Be sure you are using the word "campus" and the "\" before your starID. 


  1. Enter your StarID password and Click OK.


  1. A notification will appear on screen indicating this is a PRIVATE computer System. Click 'OK' to acknowledge the notice.


  1. You will then be on a virtual desktop and can access the software available as you normally would.