Registering CPS Accidental Damage Warranty

How do I register my CPS Accidental Damage Warranty card? How do I activate my CPS Warranty?

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the Login/Register button in the upper left hand corner, and select Register. Complete first page with your contact information.
  3. Check email address used as a login and select the link to complete registration setup.
  4. Set up security questions, then select Register your Warranty button.
  5. Enter your warranty id found on the back of your CPS card (It can also be found on your invoice.)
  6. Complete questions with the following answers:
    1. Purchased from: Minnesota State University Mankato
    2. Item Condition: New
    3. Brand: Apple(or HP)
    4. Model: Macbook Pro, Macbook Retina, Macbook Air (Choose answer which applies to your machine.)
    5. Serial Number: Can be found on computer, the outside of the computer box, or on your invoice.
    6. Purchase Price: Insert machine price from invoice.
  1. Select Submit and log out.
  2. Document Username and Password.

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