Non-Credit D2L Brightspace Instance for Continuing & Professional Education

What is non-credit D2L Brightspace? Continuing & Professional Education non-credit D2L Brightspace instance

Minnesota State University, Mankato supports two instances of D2L Brightspace.

Our primary instance is integrated with the ISRS registration system and is connected to university course offerings. There are also development courses and university staff/student group training courses on this instance. You access this instance at

The other instance of D2L Brightspace is through Continuing and Professional Development. This instance offers non-credit courses for continuing and professional development. You access this instance at

Occasionally we will get a support request that a student cannot log in to their D2L Brightspace account to see their classes and it appears that they are not a user in the system.

The cause may be that the student is attempting to log in to the incorrect instance of D2L Brightspace. Contact the campus D2L Brightspace administrator or Continuing and Professional Development regarding this.

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