Multi-Factor Enrollment No Smart Phone Automatic

How do I enroll in MFA without a smart phone?

MNSU Multi-Factor Enrollment – Phone Call Verification (Automatic Enrollment)

If a customer did not enroll in multi-factor authentication prior to the enrollment deadline, they will see the following message the first time they login to Office 365 after being forced enrolled into multi-factor.


**Multi-factor enrollment works best from a computer.



  1. Click Next.
  2. Under Step 1: How should we contact you?
    1. Click the radio button that says Call Me.
    2. Enter the phone number you would like to verification phone calls at.


  1. Click Next
    1. You will receive a phone call from Microsoft at the phone number entered above.
    2. The message will prompt you to press the pound (#) key to finish your verification.
    3. You should receive a voice message indicating your sign in was successfully verified.


The multi-factor process above must be completed successfully before the customer can proceed to their Microsoft 365 account.  A multi-factor reset should not be needed unless the customer has successfully verified their multi-factor authentication method and no longer has access to that authentication method.


If a customer is having trouble with the multi-factor verification, open a web browser on the computer to and click the link for Change Multi-Factor Verification Options and repeat the steps above.  



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