Microsoft Teams - How to Create a Team

How can I create a Microsoft Team?

Note:  Microsoft Teams can only be created by employees (staff, faculty, & teaching graduate assistants.) 


  • Teaching Graduate Assistant:
    • If you are a GA and are an instructor on record for a course you have an employee account.  You will need to log into that account ( to create the Microsoft Team.
  • Student:
    • If you are a student, you will need to reach out to a faculty or staff to create the Microsoft Teams site for you.  After they create the team for you, they can add you as an admin for the team to allow you the manage the team like normal. RSO's should reach out to their advisor to place the request.


  1. Open Microsoft Teams (on your computer in the Teams application, or via the Office 365 portal.)


  1. From the Teams view, select Join or create a team.


  1. Select the button to Create Team.


  1. Select the type of team that you want to create.

  1. Enter the Name for your team.  You do not need to type the campus prefix – this will be added automatically.  Use a name that clearly defines the Team’s purpose and audience.  Additionally, provide a Description of the Team, then click NEXT.


  1. A prompt will provide the opportunity to add members to the Team.  Members may be added at this time, or you may choose to Skip this step and add members later.  Ability to add and remove members at your discretion will be available once the Team creation process is completed.

  1. Once your Team is created, it will appear in the list of the Teams view.


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