Mav Life Employees Login for Mobile Device

How do I login to the Mav Life Employee Experience?

To log into the Mav Life Employee experience after downloading and installing it on your device:

1. Select Get Started from the launch screen.

2. Select Employees from the Select Your Experience Screen and then click Next.  If you are already logged into the Mav Life Current Students experience, you will first need to log out of that experience by:

1. Select the Profile icon from the lower right-hand corner of the Mav Life app.

2. Click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the My Profile screen.

3. Click on the Logout button at the bottom of the Settings screen.

 4. Click Yes when prompted to Logout of Your Account?

5. You can then follow the steps above to select the Get Started and Employees options from the Mav Life launch screen.


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