How do I setup MavDISK using Windows 10?

This document outlines the steps to connect to MavDISK on a Windows 10 Operating System.

NOTE: Drive mapping is NOT possible when connected to MavGUEST Wi-Fi network.There are several ways to use MavDISK depending on if you are on/off campus or using a university/personally owned computer.


  1. For single file download or upload - on or off campus - access MavDISK using a web browser MavDISK Web Access. This is the easiest way to access MavDISK.
  2. On-campus university computers - will automatically have your MavDISK personal files available on the M: drive. This drive mapping is done through a group policy that is run when signing into Windows 10.

NOTE: The computer must be on a campus network, but will not be possible from the MavGUEST Wi-Fi network)

  1. On-campus personally-owned computers - follow the instructions below to map a drive to MavDISK.
  2. Off-campus - Mapping a drive letter - requires you to first connect to the VPN service which makes your computer work as if it's on campus (Instructions for installing VPN). Once VPN is logged in, follow the instructions below to map a drive to MavDISK.


 Map a Drive Letter to MavDISK:


  1. From the Desktop, open Windows Explorer.


  1. Click the Computer tab and select Map Network Drive from the Map Network Drive option.

  1. Select an available drive letter and type \\\starid$(replacing your StarID for starid) in the Folder field. If you are using an Asset Tagged machine (machine owned by the state).

Optional: Select the checkbox next to Reconnect at sign-in.

4.Click Finish.

Note: You can choose any Drive letter. We typically choose drive letter M.


5. When asked for a username and password, type in:

Username: campus\StarID

Password: your Star ID password


6. Your MavDISK is now setup.





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