Make Office 365 group public or private

How do I make my Office 365 group public or private?

When you first create an Office 365 group in Office 365, it is Private by default. In Public groups, anyone at Minnesota State Mankato can view the material in the groups and private only the members can view the items in the group.  Though private groups anyone can see who the members are in the group.


Changing a group private or public in MavMAIL:


  1. Open MavMAIL.

(replacing your StarID for StarID):

Students, Alumni and Emeriti:

Faculty and Staff:

  1. Navigate to your Office 365 group that you want to change to public or private.
  2. Click on the gear icon near the upper right corner, to get the Group settings.
  3. Click on Edit Group in the menu.
    1. Note:  if you don't have this option you are not the owner of the site.  Please contact one of the owners to have them make the change.  If you were recently made an owner it can take a few minutes to an hour to process that change.
  4. Locate Privacy and select the drop down below it and make your selection of either Private or Public.
    1. Private:  Only members in the group can access the information.
      1. Note:  Anyone at the University will be able to see the membership.
    2. Public:  Anyone at the University can access the material in the site.
  5. Click on Save towards the top.
  6. This change may take a few minutes to process.


Example Group Settings on Private:


If you prefer Microsoft's documentation or our documentation doesn't quite match what you are seeing, you can visit:



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