Key things to know about Sections in D2L Brightspace

What is the Sections tool? What do Students see in the Classlist in merged/grouped classes? How can I restrict Discussions with the Sections tool? Can Teacher's Assistants see all Sections in D2L?

Sections are automatically created when two or more class offerings are merged into one D2L Brightspace course.

Sections provide a way to maintain information privacy as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Here are some key things to know about Sections:

  • Teacher's Assistant: When requesting enrollment of Teacher's Assistants (TA) to merged courses, the Teacher of Record must indicate what Section(s) the TA should have access to.Teacher's Assistant roles are restricted by Section, they can only see the Section they are enrolled in.
  • Teachers may view and filter Sections in the Classlist and use Section to restrict or filter other tools like Discussions and Grades. Teacher roles can see all Sections.

How to View by Sections:

  • Classlist: In the Classlist, Students will only see other Students enrolled in their own Section. Teachers will see all Students in all Sections and have the option of filtering the Classlist by Section.

  • Discussions: When creating or editing a Discussions Forum or Topic, Teachers have the option of restricting Students to only see Student created Discussion posts from other Students enrolled in their own Section. The default setting is "No restrictions" or "Open topic" which allows all Students to see the Forum or Topic and all posts by all other Students, regardless of Section.

Discussions Forum:

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