Instructor Access to D2L Course

I am an instructor (TA, GA, Adjunct) of a course, but cannot access/request it in D2L Brightspace.

Only the Instructor of Record can add/request a D2L Brightspace course offering for their university course and be enrolled as a Teacher with instructor permissions (add, edit, grade, delete) within the course. If you are the Instructor of Record in the official Office of Registration and Academic Records listing, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that you are the Instructor of Record for the course in question. Note: This means that the proper paper work designating you as the instructor of record has been completed by your academic department and filed with the office of Registration and Academic Records. You can view course listings in e-services or in this Office of Registration and Academic Records' website.
  1. Once that is confirmed, Open D2L Brightspace in Firefox web browser (
  2. Login with your StarID and Password.
  3. Starting Spring 2020, your D2L Brightspace courses will be automatically added to your account 1-2 months prior to semester start. 
  4. If you need to group/merge/consolidate two or more courses together in the same D2L Brightspace course, you can request merge/grouping/consolidation by clicking on Add a Course under the Instructor Resources widget on the bottom of the D2L Brightspace home page or accessing the tool directly through this link. 

Note: Please allow 1-2 business days for the changes to be reflected and synced in your account. You will only have access to request courses for which you are the Instructor of Record.

Don't see Instructor Resources widget? Submit a ticket to IT Solutions.

Not the Instructor of Record? The Instructor of Record must submit the request to enroll Co-Teachers, Teacher's Assistants, and others not listed as the Instructor of Record to allow enrollment/access to a course following these instructions.

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