How to Transition Your Microsoft Office Forms

How can I transition my Microsoft Forms forms to the Minnstate tenant?

How to transition your forms in Microsoft Forms


  1. To transition Forms from your old Office 365 account you will first need access to your old Office 365 account. To get access to your old account submit a request to the IT Solutions Center. The IT Solutions Center staff will arrange for you to receive a password that will allow you to access the old account.
  2. Sign in to your old account at using a different web browser than you typically use or using a private browsing session in your primary web browser.
  3. Open the form you want transition.
  4. Click the Share button in the upper right hand corner.



  1. In the Share as template section, click Get a link to duplicate


  1. Click the Copy button to copy the link.


  1. Open your primary web browser, or a different web browser from the one you are currently using to access your old account.


  1. Using the different web browser, sign in to using your post-transition login information:


  1. Paste the copied link from step 5 into your browser. The form should open, and should show a button that states Duplicate it.


  1. The chosen form should now be duplicated to your post-transition account.
  2. To duplicate more forms, go back and forth between your browsers sharing and duplicating for each form that you need duplicated to your post-transition account.





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